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September 9, 2014

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More on Broadway conductor David Friedman’s personal road from living fearfully to living sensationally

  The Thought Exchange is so original and makes such sense when you hear what it is that you might wonder why you did not think of it on your own. Well, worry not that it never occurred to you because Broadway composer and conductor David Friedman has not only thought of it but has […]


September 4, 2014

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Bay Area artist Rich Sigberman now playing at…

  Rich Sigberman is an artist of exceptional talent, not only for his imagination, style and precision of his illustration but for the variety of his genres that include representations of musicians as well as for his pop art, illustration and compelling abstract paintings. After years as a successful artist and illustrator he is adding a […]


August 25, 2014

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Todd Lieman’s day well lived and the snowballing world of gratitude

Todd Lieman is an imaginative, conscious, creative man who understands what makes a day well lived and the benefits of specific gratitude expressed. He began by encouraging his young son Kolby to express each night three things for which he is grateful. And, because from the mouths of babes come some of our best insights, […]


August 12, 2014

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Conversation with Myrna Aronoff on the importance of thank you notes

The San Francisco Chronicle recently published Sam Whiting’s story of  Mica Jarmel-Schneider who decided, as his bar mitzvah project, to collect baseball gear to send to kids in Cuba. The start of this adventure was, of course, his generosity. The plot thickened with an astonishing adventure all because Mica never got a thank you note. […]


July 31, 2014

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Noah Griffin’s elegance a draw coast to coast right through Peru Indiana

Noah Griffin wanted to join a Cole Porter Society. Simple like that, really. He is, after all, a singer drawn to the boundless elegance of Cole Porter music and lyrics. Noah and Cole share history and flair. Each is a Harvard Law School graduate, each has an easy elegance, a feel for euphony and subtle […]


July 21, 2014

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Jane Bragg and the samovar that carries her surprising family history from Kiev to SF

Jane Bragg, one of the world’s great storytellers, is back with another, this one about a samovar that led to the discovery of some unexpected family history details about her grandfather who was possibly a guard to the Czar of Russia, a world by and large closed to Jews and also her not uncommon relationship […]


July 14, 2014

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To save the life of a stranger Kristin Hove Herrera gave a kidney

Thanks to the extended reach of medical miracles and communication, there has come to be a new world of kidney transplantation. We hear about the fortunate people who have, as the media so often says, “found a kidney”. Found? Not at all. Given. And by someone. Today it is as likely as a gift from […]


June 30, 2014

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Amanda King San Francisco singer with a San Francisco story

There is a glow that precedes every step Amanda King takes as she strolls onto a stage where she is self-possessed and in charge. There is the smile of an angel that promises something unique. And, singular it is. Never mind the frequent comparisons to some of our greats, Amanda is 100% Amanda. Her intelligence […]


June 16, 2014

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Carson Silkey a model of fatherhood courage

Carson Silkey’s three daughters have had the good fortune to have a father who has no trouble speaking his mind about how wonderful they are. He is right there with them every step of their way into adulthood, overjoyed at their abilities, their compassion and their accomplishments, while at the same time stands strong with […]


June 2, 2014

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Megan Jones and the not-so-fleeting flash of Polaroid

Are you of the generation that remembers the flash of the Polaroid camera as a part of almost any momentous occasion? For many, those cheery photos are the only recorded memory of family events. The flash was over in, well, a flash, while the pictures oozed out a slower joy culminating in a shiny finished […]