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May 24, 2015

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Shannon Weber’s love you2 makes it easy to give love get love

Fork in the road? Why not take both. Shannon Weber did, because the two roads that presented themselves to her were braided together by an indestructible thread of love and a desire to strengthen others. Shannon is the director of HIVE, the UCSF program that is the hub of positive and sexual reproductive health that cares […]


May 17, 2015

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San Francisco artist Toby Klayman is up on what’s up and willing to share more of it

Toby Klayman’s life has been and still is one of constant pivotal decisions. She seems always to have been steps ahead of the crowd with her unique, firmly held and life-changing viewpoints. You may remember her declining her parents’ invitation to make a “good” marriage, her standing firm in her decision to be an artist, […]


May 10, 2015

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Toby Klayman artist whose life is a work of genius

Because Toby Judith Klayman is a San Francisco artist of such experience, productivity, originality, generosity depth and breadth that it is hard to capture her in just a few words here, this is the first of three visits with Toby. She knew early that she wanted to be an artist, a career as far removed as […]


May 3, 2015

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Blair Webb wonderful writer and thinker wants to be known beyond her disability

    Blair Webb is a 24 year-old breath of fresh air with talents and plans. You know at first glance that you are in the presence of intelligence because it is clearly visible in her smile and reflected in her eyes. Her assistant, Megan Gill, who spends five days a week with Blair and […]


April 26, 2015

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Actor and acting coach Diana Elizabeth Jordan’s fated path to success

Choosing acting as a profession takes a special kind of person, someone who is not daunted by challenge upon challenge. Diana Elizabeth Jordan, now an actor and acting coach at Performing Arts Studio West, who says she came into this world wanting to act, is exactly that special kind of person. She was born to the […]


April 19, 2015

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John Paizis’s Performing Arts Studio West of Los Angeles lets talent shine

John Paizis, founder and director of the Performing Arts Studio West, is a man of many talents and a significant performance history. He was the lead singer in Kid Twist and World Affairs. He was an actor who studied in New York with Sandy Meisner. He was a dancer. He was a voice over artist. […]


April 12, 2015

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Jeffrey Janis’s strong childhood sense of philanthropy still with him

Jeffrey Janis works for Ronald McDonald House, and Ronald McDonald House works for the health of children with life threatening diseases by providing housing for families with children in treatment for the duration of that treatment and beyond. It is no surprise that Jeffrey is moved by seeing other lives strengthened, no surprise that he […]


April 5, 2015

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Caregiving guru Joan Gray with truths on how love works

Joan Gray last spoke with us about caregiving that counts through strengthening people at a point that might be their weakest. As an afterthought she mentioned writing a love letter to people who are not at their most lovable through no fault of their own, so it seemed like a good idea to have Joan […]


March 29, 2015

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Robin Fryday San Francisco Bay Area documentarian captures great deeds on film

Capturing world changing moments is an art safe in the hands of photographer and documentarian Robin Fryday, who has a sense of when it is time to set the record straight. James Armstrong, the owner of a barbershop in Birmingham Alabama, fought for the right to vote while carrying the American flag in the 1965 […]


March 22, 2015

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Woody Weingarten’s Rollercoaster now available to help men survive their wives’ breast cancer

Woody Weingarten is a survivor of his wife’s breast cancer. From the moment of her diagnosis, she had to struggle through the fear and confusion of what it meant, what to do first, what to do next and what were her options. So did he. Her goal became survival. So did his. Not so recognized an […]