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April 19, 2015

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John Paizis’s Performing Arts Studio West of Los Angeles lets talent shine

John Paizis, founder and director of the Performing Arts Studio West, is a man of many talents and a significant performance history. He was the lead singer in Kid Twist and World Affairs. He was an actor who studied in New York with Sandy Meisner. He was a dancer. He was a voice over artist. […]


April 12, 2015

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Jeffrey Janis’s strong childhood sense of philanthropy still with him

Jeffrey Janis works for Ronald McDonald House, and Ronald McDonald House works for the health of children with life threatening diseases by providing housing for families with children in treatment for the duration of that treatment and beyond. It is no surprise that Jeffrey is moved by seeing other lives strengthened, no surprise that he […]


April 5, 2015

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Caregiving guru Joan Gray with truths on how love works

Joan Gray last spoke with us about caregiving that counts through strengthening people at a point that might be their weakest. As an afterthought she mentioned writing a love letter to people who are not at their most lovable through no fault of their own, so it seemed like a good idea to have Joan […]


March 29, 2015

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Robin Fryday San Francisco Bay Area documentarian captures great deeds on film

Capturing world changing moments is an art safe in the hands of photographer and documentarian Robin Fryday, who has a sense of when it is time to set the record straight. James Armstrong, the owner of a barbershop in Birmingham Alabama, fought for the right to vote while carrying the American flag in the 1965 […]


March 22, 2015

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Woody Weingarten’s Rollercoaster now available to help men survive their wives’ breast cancer

Woody Weingarten is a survivor of his wife’s breast cancer. From the moment of her diagnosis, she had to struggle through the fear and confusion of what it meant, what to do first, what to do next and what were her options. So did he. Her goal became survival. So did his. Not so recognized an […]


March 18, 2015

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Singer Debbie Cucalon once an impersonator has a new show of her own music coming up

Debbie Cucalon is a singer, a musician, and a lyricist with any eye for perfection and the ability to get not just to the heart of a song but to the heart of her audience. She has a smooth feel to her, a calm and powerful lilt that sinks right into your core. Singing it […]


March 15, 2015

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Cecile Puretz brings multi-cultural strength to her work in the world of accessibility

Cecile Puretz, a native born San Franciscan, is now working to make The  Contemporary Jewish Museum accessible to all people with disabilities. Yes, this goes interestingly and far beyond ramps, public transportation and ADA requirements to the very art itself. As there are many ways to see, might a musical interpretation of art be a […]


March 8, 2015

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Actress Geri Jewell with the power of love letters to (and from) Carol Burnett

Geri Jewell, where to begin? A well-known accomplished actress who is a marvel of communication, success, honesty, wit, insight, courage and so much more. And how aptly named. She does, indeed, carry the glow of a brightly polished gem. How one step led to the next starting at the age of 12 with a Special […]


March 1, 2015

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Mark Povinelli a movie actor with a unique attribute of individuality

Mark Povinelli is a forceful, smart, emotionally comfortable, and charming man with a wonderful sense of humor and of who he is.  He is a loving husband and father. And, he is an actor you most likely know from his extensive film, television and theater work spanning 20 years. Even thought there is no standard […]


February 22, 2015

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Actress Angela Rockwood is a Push Girl always moving forward

Actress, model and producer Angela Rockwood, is an angel indestructible whose young life was interrupted by a horrific car accident as she was driving to LA from San Francisco with her two bridesmaids. The year was 2001. She was 26 years old, had been busy modeling, acting and planning her wedding. The accident, which Angela […]