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March 1, 2015

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Mark Povinelli a movie actor with a unique attribute of individuality

Mark Povinelli is a forceful, smart, emotionally comfortable, and charming man with a wonderful sense of humor and of who he is.  He is a loving husband and father. And, he is an actor you most likely know from his extensive film, television and theater work spanning 20 years. Even thought there is no standard […]


February 22, 2015

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Actress Angela Rockwood is a Push Girl always moving forward

Actress, model and producer Angela Rockwood, is an angel indestructible whose young life was interrupted by a horrific car accident as she was driving to LA from San Francisco with her two bridesmaids. The year was 2001. She was 26 years old, had been busy modeling, acting and planning her wedding. The accident, which Angela […]


February 18, 2015

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When a mother knows a stranger is right for her daughter

You can lead a daughter to water but you can’t make her drink. She has to do that for herself. Here is a story, a real life chick-flick moment, about a very clever loving beautiful and convivial mother of an unmarried adult daughter. Mother has asked to remain anonymous out of respect for her daughter’s […]


February 17, 2015

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Actor Andy Arias with a childhood sadness that turned to adult strength and success

Actor, comedian and advocate for the disabled, Andy Arias is a busy man with a powerful message. Born with Cerebral Palsy into a turbulent family, bullied as a child for being different, abused by his parents, knowing by the age of 6 that he had to leave home or die, Andy traveled a difficult, painful […]


February 8, 2015

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Actress Lexi Marman deaf since birth grateful for the path she is taking

Actress Lexi Marman effervesces whether she is speaking or listening, both of which she does with a joyous intensity. Her indescribable light seems to enter the room even before she does. When she offers the words she lives by, “Don’t let what you can’t do stop you from doing what you can’t do,” you wonder […]


February 4, 2015

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Joan Gray caregiving to make others feel in charge at their weakest time

Joan Gray is, in the world of caregiving, a wizard who knows how to strengthen weakened people, how to encourage surrender to her care, when to say “yes” and how to say “no” and all in a way that leaves people feeling in charge of their own lives just at the time they are losing […]


January 23, 2015

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Zann Cannon Goff a boy who moved too often to make friends is sinking roots all over SF

Zann Cannon Goff is a talented landscaper whose first word was “flower” and who went through many incarnations before getting where he was meant to be. With a boyhood that was sometimes isolated for geographical reasons as well as emotional and often migratory. His mother was a child of the 60s, who raised him as […]


January 13, 2015

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Writer Persis Karim weaves the threads of a complicated family history

Persis Karim is a poet, writer and professor of literature and creative writing at San Jose State University. She was born and raised in California, but was profoundly influenced by her immigrant parents and their respective biographies. Her mother was born and raised in France and immigrated after World War II. Her father was a […]


January 6, 2015

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Nancy Ballard’s rooms that rock for chemo

Botanical illustrator Nancy Ballard is a serious painter, a writer with one published book under her belt, and enough other things as wife, mother and grandmother to keep her full-time busy. You would think, as did her husband, that she is too busy for another full-time project. But, no. Not at all. She is, in […]


December 30, 2014

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David Zimmerman an actor who teaches an unusual mix of students

David Zimmerman is an excellent and experienced actor, a fabulous singer who steals a scene  and, watch out, your heart. He is overloaded with talent, charm, stage presence, and two other qualities that tip the balance on how he spends his professional time. Those two qualities are love and generosity in heaping amounts. It seems […]