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July 1, 2015

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Izzy Pivnick teacher, principal and crusading consumer hero to those who’ve been duped

Izzy Pivnick describes himself as an introvert. This is a little bewildering, really, since every step he ever took seems to be to reach out eagerly to others. He smiles and adds, “an introvert who loves people.” It is this enthusiasm for people that has leads him to success in whatever he chooses to do. Izzy […]


June 28, 2015

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Emilio Palame Peggy Lee’s pianist now a movie actor you probably know

When Emilio Palame was 7 years old, as the other kids were outside playing army, he was playing a piano he found in his neighbor’s garage. Yes, he found the piano, but more to the point, the piano found him and set him on the road he was meant to travel. He says, “I was […]


June 21, 2015

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Kathy Buckley’s comedy and the power of pairing it with compassion and determination to help others

  Kathy Buckley, as you most likely know, is one of the funniest women to hit the comedy stage. Not such a funny start as she came into this world with one life-threatening problem and at the age of 4 suffered another, both of which had the doctors assuring the parents that she was going […]


June 14, 2015

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Lee Gant knows that knitting can help us find ourselves as we lose ourselves in the craft

Lee Gant. That should actually do it. Just her name. And for those of you who know her already ether personally or through her book Love In Every Stitch; Stories of Knitting and Healing you already know what that name carries with it. For those of you who have not yet had the joy of […]


June 7, 2015

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SF artist Joseph Branchcomb’s ancestors rebelled against slave owners and the Mafia

Joseph Mack Branchcomb, a San Francisco artist whose work you may be fortunate enough to know, is the repository of a family history worth knowing, the memory to recall it and the generosity to tell it. Joe’s heritage is one of strength that changed history. His ancestors knew they were not put on this earth […]


May 31, 2015

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Yellow Cab’s Jim Gillespie answers, with humor and grace, some harsh opinions about his company

Jim Gillespie, president and general manager of Yellow Cab used to drive a cab in San Francisco. As did is father, so Jim has solid second-generation understanding of good manners and the need for human response over automated answering systems that leave people feeling abandoned and angry. Translate that to gracious people answering calls. As […]


May 24, 2015

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Shannon Weber’s love you2 makes it easy to give love get love

Fork in the road? Why not take both. Shannon Weber did, because the two roads that presented themselves to her were braided together by an indestructible thread of love and a desire to strengthen others. Shannon is the director of HIVE, the UCSF program that is the hub of positive and sexual reproductive health that cares […]


May 17, 2015

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San Francisco artist Toby Klayman is up on what’s up and willing to share more of it

Toby Klayman’s life has been and still is one of constant pivotal decisions. She seems always to have been steps ahead of the crowd with her unique, firmly held and life-changing viewpoints. You may remember her declining her parents’ invitation to make a “good” marriage, her standing firm in her decision to be an artist, […]


May 10, 2015

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Toby Klayman artist whose life is a work of genius

Because Toby Judith Klayman is a San Francisco artist of such experience, productivity, originality, generosity depth and breadth that it is hard to capture her in just a few words here, this is the first of three visits with Toby. She knew early that she wanted to be an artist, a career as far removed as […]


May 3, 2015

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Blair Webb wonderful writer and thinker wants to be known beyond her disability

    Blair Webb is a 24 year-old breath of fresh air with talents and plans. You know at first glance that you are in the presence of intelligence because it is clearly visible in her smile and reflected in her eyes. Her assistant, Megan Gill, who spends five days a week with Blair and […]