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November 18, 2014

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Alexander Philippe and the compelling art of taboo thought-provoking issues

Alexander Philippe is an artist and philosopher for whom small talk seems to be a waste of time. He is here again with a conversation about conversation and what people can offer each other with communication that skirts chic-chat and gets to the point. Alexander is an emotionally generous philosopher who is cheerfully fearless about […]


November 12, 2014

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Ruby Petersen Unger was, yes, Ms. Nancy of Romper Room and much more

Do you remember Miss Nancy of television’s Romper Room and the wonderful lessons she brought to your little ones? Do you remember the day Miss Nancy became Ms. Nancy, thanks to a conversation with Gloria Steinem, bringing a whole new consciousness to our little ones? Ruby Petersen Unger remembers it well and with good reason, […]


November 4, 2014

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Alexander Philippe where philosophy and art meet to say more than hello

Alexander Philippe is a one-man adventure. He is a San Francisco artist who paints. He has a degree in fine arts. And, more to the point of who Alexander Philippe is, he is a philosopher. He is a communicator and wants others to have the same satisfaction. He strongly identifies with Kierkegaard’s “Life can only […]


October 29, 2014

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Forgiving the father he tried to kill

Joe Loya was a remarkable, smart, loving and joyful boy, whose life was derailed by sorrow, loss , brutality and filled with challenges no child should ever have. Joe and his brother were young boys when their mother died, and added to the misery and grief at losing her, they were, for years after that, […]


October 23, 2014

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Charles Troy sheds a bright historic light on Broadway shows

There is the well-known thrill of the Broadway musical and the lesser-known thrill of what went into producing that show, the backstory, the history, the personalities. The acclaimed Broadway historian with a background in graphic design, Charles Troy brings the details of Broadway shows into focus rather literally through over fifty of his cleverly fashioned […]


October 14, 2014

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Serendipity may be Cupid’s best disguise

Sometimes a mother, quite by accident, does something life-changing for her daughter’s love life. Here one thing led to another with the regularity of the knee bone connected to the thigh bone. She had fallen on some cobblestones in Mexico and injured her leg badly enough to throw off her immediate plans which was to […]


October 2, 2014

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Cheryl Ward on Friends of Faith and an evening of Weather and Wine for cancer awareness

Faith Fancher was an award winning journalist, an exceptionally beautiful and accomplished woman, and an innovator who took her private battle with cancer public in order to raise awareness about breast cancer, the disease that did claim her life. Faith documented every aspect of her surgery and treatment, a powerful collection of moments that aired […]


September 30, 2014

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Reverend Shawn coming out and overcoming his mother’s fury

As soon as you hear the, “Hi, everybody, I’m Reverend Shawn,” you know you are in for a good, candid and emotionally educational time. His mother was not happy finding out he was gay back in the 70s. Understatement. She was furious. He had girlfriends and knew he was supposed to get married and have […]


September 23, 2014

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Reverend Shawn Moninger leading through candor acceptance insight and the ability to laugh

Shawn Moninger was, years ago, an award winning lighting director for the NYC nightclub Don’t Tell Mama. Yes, he used to light people from without. Until he decided he had a far greater power to light people from within, and following that call he became an ordained minister for Unity Center for Practical Spirituality. He […]


September 9, 2014

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More on Broadway conductor David Friedman’s personal road from living fearfully to living sensationally

  The Thought Exchange is so original and makes such sense when you hear what it is that you might wonder why you did not think of it on your own. Well, worry not that it never occurred to you because Broadway composer and conductor David Friedman has not only thought of it but has […]