Suzie Woodward Morris is simply enough incomparable

Suzie in one of her many incarnations

Suzie in one of her many incarnations

Suzie Woodward Morris is a San Francisco based fashion consultant who, thanks to Skype, has no actual geographic limitations. That is understated. It seems she has no limits at all, able as she is to change direction at will. She is the oldest of 10 children and the one raven haired vision in a family of blondes, so she is no stranger to standing out among the crowd. Her fashion innovations started early in childhood, and because, in that childhood, her mother was almost always pregnant, she had some built in materials ready to use for her own style decisions. After she earned her nursing degree, she headed straight for a life in fashion. It happens it was at a fashion show in which she was modeling, she met the man who would become her husband. One 6 hour coffee date. The next morning he appeared at her front door with 100 yellow roses and a diamond ring. Her mother was horrified. Suzie was not. Hers is a life that is hard to believe until you hear her tell it. And, then it all makes perfect sense. Suzie Woodward Morris is simply enough incomparable

Diane Amos the Pinesol Lady and much more

Diane Amos the Pinesol Lady and much moreTwo of the many things that stand out memorably about Pinesol are the lets-get-this-job-done-right scent and the sight of the let’s-get-this-job-done-right Pinesol Lady who appears just when you need her in the supermarket cleaning solutions corridor. Diane Amos, an actress of enormous talent and believability is that very lady you see in that aisle. She is also a woman you see in movies and on stage. To hear her talk about her life that was, from early childhood, headed for performance and success is not only a very good time but a teaching in encouraging children to blossom in what they do best. And, plans for a love letter? So many options. Her mother? Or perhaps the high school teacher who propelled her into an improv class that turned her life in an unexpected direction? And maybe even that little bottle of Pinesol that sits on a shelf in her home. Whatever her letter will be, it will be a valuable piece of personal, cultural and theater history documented in her own hand.

Noah Griffin with a love letter to his wife on her 70th


Noah Griffin, once an unenthusiastic lawyer, now a very enthusiastic singer, poet, writer and lecturer

Noah Griffin, once an unenthusiastic lawyer, now a very enthusiastic singer, poet, writer and lecturer

Noah Griffin is a singer, writer, lecturer, and historian. And because he is also a husband who loves and appreciates his gorgeous wife for all that she is, he planned, created and delivered one of the best gifts possible for her in celebration of her 70th birthday. The gift? A love letter of course. The gift was multifaceted as great love letters are. Does Meredith mind that he has blared her age all over the internet and the Marin Independent Journal? Not at all. Not just because she looks half her age, but because she is a woman without pretense, wonderful values and is as real as can be. To listen to Noah talk about her, why he calls her a saint, and all she means to him is to learn something important about love. To hear him read his letter to her  is to learn something the beauty of writing it down and sending it as a gift that lasts for generations.

Rev. Maggie Oman Shannon crafts calm

Rev. Maggie Oman Shannon crafts calmRev. Maggie Oman Shannon, author of Crafting Calm:: Projects and Practices for Creativity and Contemplation, is a woman of many talents and generous in her sharing them. Sharing she has been doing not only in her capacity as the Spiritual Director of Unity Spiritual Center of San Francisco but through her writing. She is the author of 6 books, all of which are geared to activating our spiritual potential. To listen to Maggie talk about her own journey  is a teaching in just that, reaching potential.

David Mezzapelle’s life of contagious optimism

David Mezzapelle’s book Contagious Optimism is a new book on his old and well established philosophy and practical way of life. He can’t help it. It has been a life-long way of functioning for him. He was the child who loved falling off his bicycle. To listen to him talk about the upside of the downside is instructive, delightful and a whale of a good time. His generosity is that he is passing on the joy of it to others. He gives tips about how to achieve it, and he gives permission to let yourself surrender to the optimism that will be good for you in so many ways.

Laura Athuil from Paris to San Francisco with cream puffs and love

Laura Athuil interior designer turned pastry chef will be offering her creme puffs to San Francisco soon

In the world of love letters, those to sweethearts of time past are something exceptional, emotionally generous and one of life’s great gifts. Even if you do not stay together for a lifetime as sweethearts, the qualities you loved are still there, so why not take a pen to paper and pay tribute to what you loved and always will. Laura Athuil, interior designer turned pastry chef (yes, her creme puffs  will be coming soon) has recently moved to San Francisco from Paris. She knows something important about what remains of love even across time and distance. to hear her talk about what remains of love is a joy

Laura Athuil’s creme puffs are edible art

Robert Caplan crossing the border of death to live an exceptional life

The year was 1957, and Robert Caplan, having been sucked into a the revving jet of a FJ-3 Fury fight plane, saw his dead body. Not so simple. Now, 56 years later, he is very much alive with a life spent as a psychotherapist, teacher, lecturer, hospital chaplain, hospice worker and going where he is needed to shed light on near death experiences. He is a warm, sensitive, intelligent man who shares the both the dread and the laughter of his own experiences. For a stunning lesson in keeping body and soul together listen to Robert talk about his life story starting with his parents’ divorce in 1937 and his being placed in an orphanage (a common option of that era), his years in foster care, his harrowing accident, and the miracle of his survival through it all to become the exceptional and loving man he is today. I am sure you will be glad you did and stronger for hearing from Robert about Robert. His planned love letter. Beyond perfect.

Jeremi McManus on three words to toss to make your relationship better

Jeremi McManus is, in the dating world, a safe haven, a calm and solid man, a place to find comfort and learn how to go about beginning a relationship or if you are not ready to begin a relationship, to go about beginning to begin a relationship. As a licensed MFT, Relationship Coach and Psychotherapist who founded the SF Relationship Coaching & Psychotherapy, Jeremi works with people who want more fulfilling and satisfying relationships. He has a wonderful feel for clarity in communication, and in that line, to hear him talk about the three words to drop, well, a real lesson in thinking before you blurt and understanding the ramifications of these three not-so-little words. In the world of love letters, you might, or might not, be surprised to know the same rules hold.

News reporter Bakari Savage the man behind the microphone

Wouldn’t you like to know the man behind the microphone? Here is a chance to get to know what is in the heart of one of the best-loved news and video reporters who lived and worked in San Francisco and is now stationed in Florida. To listen to Bakari talk about his mother and describe how he saw her anew through the eyes of her friends at her retirement party is a lesson in recognizing the depth of a parent.  The diligent planning of his love letter, recognition of all aspects of her, is, even with one stinging recollection, a heart-felt heart-lifting adventure in the written expression of affection. This is a letter worth its weight in carefully worded gold!

David Cowan from incarceration to leadership

David Cowan, no stranger to academic success, describes himself a workaholic, a quality that served him well while he was serving time at San Quentin prison. He received his college degree through the Prison University Project, a curriculum designed to bring out the best in the students who are fortunate enough to be enrolled in this program. He is now administrative assistant of the Prison University Project and the director of re-integration through which he helps others make the adjustment to life outside prison. To listen to David talk about his wonderful family, how he got into San Quentin by mistake and what it took to be re-integrated into society after years behind bars is, in itself, an education worth having. To hear how he took his life and the responsibility for it into his own hands is, in its own right, an uplifting lesson in the power of well-directed intelligence and transformation. David, a man filled with obvious gratitude to family and friends, plans to write a love letter of appreciation to those in prison and those on the outside who helped him make the transition to the  gratifying, full and constructive life he is now living. And, maybe his dad, too.